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Allows CrmAdo (ADO.NET Provider for Dynamics Crm) to be used within Visual Studio. You can now connecto to Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013 via server explorer just as if they are ordinary ADO.Net data sources. See all the metadata (Entities / Attributes) and registered plugins. I...

Loads editor options such as indentation sizes from standard, cross-platform .editorconfig files.

TFS Scrum Extensions is a VS 2012 and 2013 Extension that helps Project Managers and Developers to easily plan and estimate tasks on Team Foundation Server.

Alternative reading mode that renders markdown interspersed in code.

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A collection of tools to automate the process of downloading, installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing packages from a VS Project.

Adds many useful features to Visual Studio for web developers. Requires VS2013 Update 3

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The famous Visual Studio code editor visualizer (C#, VB, C++)

Productivity tool for C/C++ and C# that improves IDE features related to navigation, refactoring, code generation, and coding assistance.

VIM emulation layer for Visual Studio

The legendary .NET productivity tool: find and fix errors and code smells; navigate and refactor; run unit tests and write quality code faster.

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